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Camping Gear worth the money

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Deer Hunting Basics: An Overview of Hunting Gear.

If you pick up any hunting magazine, looking through the ads, you will think the only way to hunt deer is by wearing $100 base layers. Having your personal ozone machine, on hand and having the fastest bow made.

In this article,  let’s look at what it actually takes to be a hunter. First, pick a tool for hunting. Get a bow, traditional or compound or a crossbow. Just make sure you are proficient with it. Practice. It’s archery season in Indiana, so I started with that.

Next, find an archery shop run by a local guy that can teach you things. Avoid the big box stores, unless that is all that is available to you.

My gear: I picked up a used PSE Nova Sport Game compound bow for $50. Is it the fastest? No. Does it kill deer? Yes.

Hunting Clothes. On a basic budget, here’s what you need. Long Johns. Thermal Underwear. A pair of Carhartt bibs and Coat. Berne is another brand that is reputable. Comfortable boots that keep your feet warm. Sometimes, you can sit still for hours, hands and feet get cold being still. Orange hat, and some gloves.

My first pair of hunting boots, were made by Brahma. I bought them at Wal-Mart for around $40 and they  lasted 5 years of hunting.

This next thing, you cannot forget this. Listen, it is absolutely possible to hunt and kill deer without wearing any camo at all. You do not have to have it. Just make sure that one your hunting gear fits your budget and two, keeps you warm. That is what it’s supposed to do.

Next we will look at the big mystery behind scent control.

Kylar and Kylie Squirrel Hunting


Hunting Basics: Scent Control

Under Armor. Scent Lock. All the sprays, activated  carbon clothing, does it really do anything? Let’s look at what it’s supposed to do and then look at real people hunting and what it actually does.

The Base Layers: These are supposed to draw sweat away from your body and keep you dry. Usually made from synthetic materials, if you use these, you will need to buy a couple sets, a top and bottom. Or wash them every time you leave the woods because they will stink.

Hunting clothes in general need to be washed seperate from your work clothes or everyday clothing. In past years, I bought the no scent wash detergent, but I cannot justify spending $10 on a 10oz. bottle of detergent. So what can we do?

I started washing my clothes in baking soda. It’s cheap. It’s odorless. It doesn’t ruin the color of my clothing.

What about the other stuff? deodorant, no scent spray, dryer sheets.

Again, I found odorless Arm and Hammer deodorant for $2. In the past I have used a deodorant stick made from salt that is odorless also. As far as sprays go, I do use one of those. We use Scent Away Fresh Earth scent.

Part of hunting White Tail Deer is the man Vs. Nature aspect. Specifically a white tail’s nose. There are plenty of youtube videos that show people being found by a dog even when using a no scent spray product. For me, my whole thought process on scent control is this.

Hide your human scent as much as possible, but smell like you belong in the woods. I achieve this, by showering in Scent Away max. Washing my clothes in baking soda, as soon as they dry, I spray them down with Scent Away Fresh Earth Scent spray.

The biggest thing any hunter can do to increase the odds of beating a white tail’s nose, is to learn how to play the wind, and walk quietly in the woods.

I am a big guy and I’ve had to go to local parks to walk and learn to walk quietly before hunting season. There’s nothing worse than getting 10 yards into the woods and hear the dreaded snort wheeze of a mature doe that just busted you.  Happy Hunting.



Little red fishing boat

I am not a carpenter by any means. I’m not even real good with building things. We have had this 10 foot Jon boat sitting around for a few years now and I decided to do something with it.

Kylar and I looked at different modifications on the internet and decided what we wanted was a front deck that can be removed. This is where I will sit. Kylar wanted a boat seat so I still have to cover the bench with wood. We also want rod holders which we will make from PVC pipe.

We started with this

The function of this boat? To be in the same class as a bass buggy and get the two of us out on the water. There’s a lot of lakes and ponds where we live and this project is one that hopefully we will get a lot of use from.

Red paint front deck in place

Natural bug repellent

I have tried various concoctions over the years to combat insects.
So far, though it seems like I am only marinating myself to be a skeeter buffet.
I just tried out a new recipe I found online.
It is made up of natural and simple ingredients which I got from the local box store.

Witch Hazel
50 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Distilled water
That’s it.
Tea tree oil is a good repellent of ticks and biting flies. Witch Hazel is an astringent.

You may also add vanilla extract to this or citronella essential oil. But, what I listed above is what I used for an evening of fishing and did not notice being a buffet for winged insects trying to get at my blood.