A container full of herbs

So we were living in an apartment, which had a nice balcony. I had been growing herbs for cooking for a little while but this was more my own hobby. My wife, Becky wasn’t really in to that kind of thing.
In all honesty, we were both working, going to church, rearing kids but our marriage and relationship was all but good.
We were more like roommates with children than the loving family home that we envisioned marriage to be. Becky decided to take an interest in the little container garden I had growing on the balcony.
What began as a few plastic pots and several herbs became a place for my wife and I to talk and build our relationship. It even had a fountain. Our little garden even grabbed the neighbors attention with several questions as to what we were using for containers and what were we growing. It was marvelous.


I’m a writer, a photographer, musician, a reader, a critic, an artist. A hobby farmer, my family and I raise chickens and we garden to grow our own food.

We are a family of hunters and fisherman who enjoy the outdoors and being in the woods and floating down the river. 

We are survivalists who learn new skills by watching YouTube and practicing what we see.

We are humans, and this is our life.  The good, the messy, the unorthodox, we are a faith based family. We are homeschoolers who believe every aspect of life can be a teaching moment and that home is the heart of the family.

This blog serves to chronical our journey wherever we are going whatever we are doing. This is Coons Outdoors. 





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