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What am I supposed to do with that kind of news? Oh…wait.

So the doctor appointment in Indy went a little better than expected. The neurologist looked at my MRI and told me what each picture was. He spent 45 minutes explaining things and answering questions. I can’t remember the last time my regular family doctor did that.
The good news is there isn’t any fluid on my brain as stated by another doctor. The bad news is, I have to do more imaging tests to see if I have multiple sclerosis. The white spots on my brain aren’t supposed to be that way and so further testing is needed.
Of course though being in a new place my kids are complete tourists. Everything is amazing and cool in the big city.

Becky,Kylar, Kylie,Kyson

An Evening Drive


Kylar and I had set out to do a little fishing. We both enjoy it and I thought it would be good to just get him out of the house.
Turns out the way to the river was more muddy than I wanted to tackle this evening and the other place we checked out was so full of poison ivy it would have been stupid to try. So, we drove around the country side and just talked.
Which was nice too.
Kylar got excited when I told him we could go fishing tomorrow when we have our picnic in the park.