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Music Man: The Memoirs

In my younger years I was amazed by city lights.
From this hilltop gazing outward and downward-
The streetlights
The marquee signs,
a brilliant display of color, the billboards, advertising the next big thing.

All that neon, bleeding together
The way paint spills out, swirling on the ground, its serendipitous.

Looking back, I was blinded, let my eyes be mesmerized by the allure of one day seeing my own name on a marquee sign.

You see, if one is not careful, you can easily forget the reasons you picked up a guitar or wrote your first song.
I can tell you from experience if fame is your goal she is a dead end destination and people are fickle they only pay attention when you’re the one with the most attractive stage clothes and outlandish gimmicks.
Some manager comes along promising the moon, if you would only add more fire and a bigger light show, no, give them more smoke.
Then one day you wake up and your focus is all wrong, you haven’t written a new song and no one is asking for autographs because everyone has forgotten your name.


Reminisce, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

In younger years I learned the tricks to applying eyeliner, like the best of any girl. Foundation kept my face from getting that alcoholic looking red. Black nail polish, and glittered hair completed my alt-glam whatever I was going for ensemble.
The music played, I stormed the stage. Bewildered eyes and faint chuckles, the audience of fifteen had no idea what to think-
Until I opened my mouth and began to sing.
It’s good to reminisce, I’ll never go back to that again. Do I miss the songs I crafted being played on the radio? Sure.
Do I miss the applause of standing  room only crowd? Yes, I do.
What I was searching for, approval and someone to think my songs were cool. Well, I have that now but this crowd isn’t screaming, they call me “Father.”

Everything changed the day I met your mother. I was drawn in by her country innocence, locks of deep red hair and blue eyes that made me want to confess everything wrong I had ever done.
Remember this children, you three are the most remarkable of anything I have ever co-created.