All About Being A Coons

First, Thank You, Sir or Madam for being curious enough to find out more about us.

Jason and Becky

Let me take a few minutes to introduce ourselves. I am Jason Coons and this red headed beauty is my wife, Becky. Where I tend to dream big, she keeps me in reality. Where she is more quiet and reserved, I don’t know a stranger. Currently she makes our home, just that. A place that’s warm and wonderful. A place that I want to come home to after a long day. She manages the family funds and does it in such a way, we don’t lack for things. She and I discuss how to rear our children and she’s the Enforcer while I’m at work or sleeping. She helps me. In that respect, she lives up to all that God asked her to be when he created a woman to be a helper to a man.

Yes, early on in our marriage I tried beat my chest and roar and get her to submit to my will because IM THE MAN! But did you notice Becky’s red hair? Yeah she’s stubborn, she argues back and does not go quietly. But, God knew that I needed her to help me be all he wanted me to be and accomplish on Earth. I love her.

Our Quiverful of Arrows!

Back to Front:  Kylar, Kylie and Kyson

Kylar is our oldest son he is smart and funny. He enjoys reading and being outdoors. He’s usually checking out rocks or cool looking bugs, he has skills with a knife and loves to fish. He also enjoys to play soccer.

Kylie is our only daughter. She is awesome. She is always helping others and loves to bake. She is a bit of a Tomboy but she also enjoys glitter and bling. Kylie enjoys being outdoors and though she is not tall she is a fighter. She also plays soccer and enjoys being a part of American Heritage Girls.

Last, but not at all the least, is Kyson. We affectionately call him TANK. He’s red headed just like his mother and just as stubborn. He is also playing soccer and likes trucks. He’s a one man demolition crew. He also loves to fish.

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