Face Cleaner For Less

I work in a dirty environment. 12 hour shifts of dirt and nastiness. So I came up with this so I could cut down on the amount of oil my face collects.


It is cotton pads found in any box store. And witch hazel which is a natural astringent. Get the cotton pads wet put them in a plastic bag and you’re good to go.


Little red fishing boat

I am not a carpenter by any means. I’m not even real good with building things. We have had this 10 foot Jon boat sitting around for a few years now and I decided to do something with it.

Kylar and I looked at different modifications on the internet and decided what we wanted was a front deck that can be removed. This is where I will sit. Kylar wanted a boat seat so I still have to cover the bench with wood. We also want rod holders which we will make from PVC pipe.

We started with this

The function of this boat? To be in the same class as a bass buggy and get the two of us out on the water. There’s a lot of lakes and ponds where we live and this project is one that hopefully we will get a lot of use from.

Red paint front deck in place

Stuffed Portàbello Mushroom


One of the greatest things my wife and I do together is cook. Since her bariatric surgery we have had to rethink some of our eating habits and recipes.
This recipe is a first attempt at that.

Cut out stem

Cut out the stem of the Portàbello.

Pencil eraser sized steak

Cook steak in skillet. Pencil eraser size. I added a splash of worshishire sauce.

Add peppers and onions

Add peppers and onions and any seasoning at this point.

Top with one ounce of cheese

Top with one ounce of cheese. And broil until cheese is melted.

What am I supposed to do with that kind of news? Oh…wait.

So the doctor appointment in Indy went a little better than expected. The neurologist looked at my MRI and told me what each picture was. He spent 45 minutes explaining things and answering questions. I can’t remember the last time my regular family doctor did that.
The good news is there isn’t any fluid on my brain as stated by another doctor. The bad news is, I have to do more imaging tests to see if I have multiple sclerosis. The white spots on my brain aren’t supposed to be that way and so further testing is needed.
Of course though being in a new place my kids are complete tourists. Everything is amazing and cool in the big city.

Becky,Kylar, Kylie,Kyson

An Evening Drive


Kylar and I had set out to do a little fishing. We both enjoy it and I thought it would be good to just get him out of the house.
Turns out the way to the river was more muddy than I wanted to tackle this evening and the other place we checked out was so full of poison ivy it would have been stupid to try. So, we drove around the country side and just talked.
Which was nice too.
Kylar got excited when I told him we could go fishing tomorrow when we have our picnic in the park.

This Family Circus, or Have Kids, Will Travel

Photo by jason coonscoonsimaging

Nothing strikes fear quite like it, causes more anxiety attacks or sends more men into a flared temper quicker, than a family trip. The destination doesn’t even have to be exotic.

One this particular day, our destination is a doctor’s visit to Indianapolis. As I am gathering the last of my travel essentials from my truck, I hear my wife chime in, “Gotta go! We’re already late!”

These are the words of death for most trips-especially so, when our family is still admiring the scenic view from our driveway.

Food and Travel.

Face it, at some point in your life eating in the family vehicle will happen. Maybe it was due to us being behind, maybe it was that I hadn’t gotten upset like I normally do when we are late, whatever her reasons, Becky suggests that Kylar and I get food from Burger King while she and Kylie and Kyson fill up the truck at the gas station across the street. As the kids and I eat our meal, Becky comments on how good it smells. Part pf me felt a little guilty, part of me didn’t. Then she says, “I chose to have this surgery, so I could be healthy, It’s alright. She then asks for her baby spoon and one once of tuna salad that she had stored in a small cooler.

At 2:06 she began eating. One bite on a baby spoon, chew twenty to thirty times, swallow and repeat. I sat watching my wife eat one tiny bite or a couple shreds of cheese at a time. I thought about all my previous ignorant notions about people who choose to have weight loss surgery. The thoughts rolled around in my head, “If they really want to loose weight, they could.” Or “Oh sure, cut your stomach out all but a two ounce pouch and anyone would loose weight like that.” My thoughts made me feel like a thousand pounds of big ignorant ass, sitting here next to her. My wife. My too have and too hold.

In these few moments I was forced to deal with some things about Becky’s surgery. I said I supported her decision and I said I would be supportive of her, but to be completely honest it’s been hard for me to be supportive. I’m not ready to not eat like we always have. I’m not ready to change. But, sometimes, as a man, you just have to man up and lead your family whether you want to or not. Our whole way of eating is going to change.

Natural bug repellent

I have tried various concoctions over the years to combat insects.
So far, though it seems like I am only marinating myself to be a skeeter buffet.
I just tried out a new recipe I found online.
It is made up of natural and simple ingredients which I got from the local box store.

Witch Hazel
50 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Distilled water
That’s it.
Tea tree oil is a good repellent of ticks and biting flies. Witch Hazel is an astringent.

You may also add vanilla extract to this or citronella essential oil. But, what I listed above is what I used for an evening of fishing and did not notice being a buffet for winged insects trying to get at my blood.