Natural Bug Spray

So I have tried different concoctions over the years for bug spray. I think today I found one that works.

What you need:

Tea Tree Oil  3 capfuls
8 oz witch hazel
8 oz distilled water

This makes 16oz
Didn’t have a bug bother me for 2 hours.


Music Man: The Memoirs

In my younger years I was amazed by city lights.
From this hilltop gazing outward and downward-
The streetlights
The marquee signs,
a brilliant display of color, the billboards, advertising the next big thing.

All that neon, bleeding together
The way paint spills out, swirling on the ground, its serendipitous.

Looking back, I was blinded, let my eyes be mesmerized by the allure of one day seeing my own name on a marquee sign.

You see, if one is not careful, you can easily forget the reasons you picked up a guitar or wrote your first song.
I can tell you from experience if fame is your goal she is a dead end destination and people are fickle they only pay attention when you’re the one with the most attractive stage clothes and outlandish gimmicks.
Some manager comes along promising the moon, if you would only add more fire and a bigger light show, no, give them more smoke.
Then one day you wake up and your focus is all wrong, you haven’t written a new song and no one is asking for autographs because everyone has forgotten your name.

Reminisce, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

In younger years I learned the tricks to applying eyeliner, like the best of any girl. Foundation kept my face from getting that alcoholic looking red. Black nail polish, and glittered hair completed my alt-glam whatever I was going for ensemble.
The music played, I stormed the stage. Bewildered eyes and faint chuckles, the audience of fifteen had no idea what to think-
Until I opened my mouth and began to sing.
It’s good to reminisce, I’ll never go back to that again. Do I miss the songs I crafted being played on the radio? Sure.
Do I miss the applause of standing  room only crowd? Yes, I do.
What I was searching for, approval and someone to think my songs were cool. Well, I have that now but this crowd isn’t screaming, they call me “Father.”

Everything changed the day I met your mother. I was drawn in by her country innocence, locks of deep red hair and blue eyes that made me want to confess everything wrong I had ever done.
Remember this children, you three are the most remarkable of anything I have ever co-created.

Accidents and a Rural Clinic…


I have never raised chickens. Honestly, I wasn’t what you would call a Man’s Man. I prefer to shop at Tractor Supply or Rural King than waste a Sunday watching football. So, axe skills and butchering chickens was a new process for me and I figured it couldn’t be that difficult. One, Two, Three chickens in and I had a rhythm. I was excited because I only had twwnty-four to butcher then the fourth chicken happened. Somehow my left index finger and the axe blade met up in a grudge match that left me bleeding all over and I could see the tendon in my finger going to the knuckle. My wife was in the middle of homeschool and I didn’t want to alarm the kids, so I went next door to my in-laws and asked my mother in law if she would bandage me up.

I ended up at the local clinic. This is the equivalent of a nurse in a brick and mortar building handing out refills for blood pressure scripts. I come in with my wounded finger and the Dr. on duty is the wife of my regular family physician. I’m thinking this is a good sign. Until they take me to the operating room. Which had to be cleared out of the various boxes and miscellaneous items that had overtaken the room. But finally, the Doctor did sew my finger back together and to this day it is fine. It took a little while before I could play guitar again but I did go right back and finished butchering the chickens.


2 incomes are better than 1

I mentioned in an earlier post that my wife Becky and I both were working. And we were. Her degree in early childhood education and  $31,000 salary plus my $20,000 certified nursing assistant job made ends meet for us and we could do just about whatever we wanted. Something kept nagging at us. Between Becky working days and me working second shift I took the kids to school so I could see them, Becky spent 3-5 hours a night with the kids doing homework. Our family just had no family time together. Apparently God was feeling like we needed some togetherness too because all of a sudden, my wife was fired. She did nothing wrong, other than not be liked by her new boss.
So I tried to pick up more hours at work and tow the line.
Meanwhile, Becky got used to being home with the kids a little more but they still spent all day at school and another 3-5 hours of homework at night. Which left zero time for us to enjoy our kids or for them to enjoy being a kid.
The final straw happened while at a parent teacher conference our daughter’s teacher told us,  “Kylie doesn’t know how to read but her reading comprehension is excellent.”
I asked, “how does a kid that can’t read have excellent comprehension, of what she isn’t reading?”
“Well, we read to her,” she replied.
We will skip the other things I said except for I thanked her for being honest and we informed them my children would be attending a private school starting that Friday.

The school demanded we tell them what private education my kids would be receiving and when I stuck to my original answer of privately educated elsewhere the school marked my children as delinquent so they cannot receive a driver’s license until they are 18.

And thus Coons Academy was born. We haven’t looked back.

Chickens…Raising The Coop

Once we settled into the country, we decided to raise chickens. Why did we start with chickens? Mostly because our local Rural King was having their “chick days” sale~ you know this happens in February, I personally believe they do this so first time chicken owners like me buy baby chickens in February. Which wouldn’t be such a bad idea except I bought a 30 gallon tote and moved the baby chickens into Becky and I’s bedroom. All was good…until 3 months passed and those baby chicks were not baby’s and our house smelled like a barnyard.

Me hammering on walls
Kylie and Kylar helping with the paint
Kyson helping too

It took two months to get the barnyard smell out of our house.
But has been worth it. We consistently have eggs and my children are learning responsible work ethics and where food really comes from…by the way we homeschool our kids.